Library Board



  • The Board shall determine the policies, plans and services of the library. This includes mission statement, bylaws, strategic plan, service policies and significant changes in levels or types of service and changes in library hours.
  • The Board shall select, appoint, direct and evaluate the Library Director.
  • The Board shall advise in the preparation of the operating and capital budgets; approve them; and approve all expenditures.
  • The Board represents the Library to the community and the community to the Library. Trustees will engage in development and promotion efforts and foster the maintenance of good public relations.
  • The Board shall study and support legislation that will benefit libraries and library users.
  • With the assistance of the Library Director, Trustees shall stay informed about current trends and issues in public libraries.

About the Board

According to 43.54 (1) (a), the Board of Trustees shall consist of seven (7) members
except as provided in 43.60 (3) (a). Members shall be residents of the municipality, except that
not more than two (2) members of the total number of members of The Board of Trustees may
be residents of other municipalities. Members shall be appointed with the approval of the
Amery City Council.

According to 43.54 (1) (c), the Amery City Council shall appoint as one of the members a school
district administrator, or the administrator’s representative, to represent the public school
district or districts in which the public library is located. Not more than one member of the
municipal governing body shall at any one time be a member of the library board.

Members Term Expiration
Ashley Long - President (City Representative) 2024
Jennifer Tyman - Secretary (Township Representative) 2024
Krysten V.K. Hughes - Treasurer (City Representative) 2025
Eric Elkin - Council Representative 2025
Linda Gale - City Representative 2026
Annie Braaten - City Representative 2025
Greta McCarty - School Representative 2025