Airport Commission

About the Commission
The Airport Commission consists of seven citizens who are residents of the City. Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Common Council. Commissioners shall serve a term of three years. 


The Airport Commission shall:
  • To the extent expressly authorized by the Common Council, organize and take charge of all affairs necessary in the management and operation of the Amery Municipal Airport. 
  • Prepare and submit to the Mayor and Council a budget for necessary expenditures for such management and operation.
  • Make recommendations to the Mayor and Council regarding any and all affairs pertaining to aeronautics.
  • The Airport Commission shall, in all respects, be an advisory body to the Common Council. No act, contract, lease or any activity of the Airport Commission shall be or become a binding contract or obligation of the City until expressly authorized by the Common Council, and then only to the extent so expressly authorized. 


Name Term Expiration Phone Number
Vacant 2025  
Phil Abraham 2024 715-338-4507
Paul Isakson 2025 715-554-3858
Roger Waterman 2024 715-268-9700
Mark Meyer 2026 715-268-9587
Rich Smith 2026 715-268-8142 or 715-268-5616
Rick Van Blaricom, Chairperson 2025 715-491-0983


This commission meets as needed. Call City Hall for more information.